This March we are loving the beige and gold pallet with the contrasting dark oxidized trim in the Panarea Collection – it feels perfect for this time of year when we go from a cold winters day to what feels like summer and then back again. The bowls can be used as centre pieces or as decoration and accessories…..when we’re not using them for dining of course.

Story behind Panara

From the tiny port of San Pietro, she set off through narrow cobbled streets, past the fragrant windowsills of quietly bustling kitchens. Up into the wild arid hills of Panarea, she stopped only to pick native berries and sweet Fico d’India. Eventually, she reached the volcanic cliffs of Calla Junco. With its stubborn patchy legions of Mediterranean flora and fauna lording it over an idyllic rock-strewn beach, it occurred to her that this could be Panarea in any other century, and she loses herself in thoughts of other worlds.