For January, I am loving the heaviness and richness of the solid bronze in the Argo Collection, a dark rustic look with irregular grooved lines. I like to have a bit of fun introducing contrasting elements, such as the glass soap dispenser from the Cortina Collection. By mixing and matching, you give importance to each individual item, creating a more unique eclectic and personal feel – after all, every object has a story to tell.

The story behind Argo

Istanbul… it had always evoked such strong emotions in her. Few places triggered the senses all at once like this. It was on Hailcilar Street near the Grand Bazaar where she met Argo for the first time. Argo was an unlikely character; a tall confident woman whose real name was Arzu, she was the only female cymbal maker in the city’s history. A tough job normally reserved for the most hardened of men, Argo took pride in continuing the legacy that her family had started as alchemists making cymbals for the Sultan in 1920’s Constantinople.